Soutien de L'UGICT-CGT à la défense des lanceurs d'alerte au niveau européen

L'UGICT-CGT soutient et invite à soutenir l'initiative d'Eurocadres pour des mesures au niveau de l'Union Européenne  permettant une réelle protection des lanceurs d'alerte.

lundi, 17 octobre 2016 | Actualités

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Ci dessous le texte et le lien (en Anglais) permettant aux organisations syndicales et aux organisations non gouvernementales de soutenir l'action d'Eurocadres.

Whistleblowers often risk ending up paying a high price for disclosing information. Yet whistleblowing can be essential in bringing to light – for example – illegal activities, corruption, activities which are contrary to public interest and threats to public health and safety.
Whistleblowing can save lives, the environment and money.

It is high time for legislation on EU-wide whistleblower protection.

Whistleblower protection is in most cases a workers’ right issue. At the same time, not all whistleblowers are employees. Therefore, broad protection should be ensured covering also other than employees.

We call on the European Commission to urgently take action on bringing forward proposals on EU-wide legislation on whistleblower protection with a broad scope of groups and areas of activities protected. 

We call on the European Council to support initiatives ensuring EU-wide whistleblower protection.

We call on the European Parliament to continue to call for EU-wide whistleblower protection and to support initiatives ensuring EU-wide whistleblower protection.

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