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[Take Action] Make the MEPs back off on Trade Secrets

On Tuesday, June the 16th, the JURI Committee of the Euro-parliament is to study the draft directive on trade secrets. This directive was conceived with absolutely no transparency and thanks to the powerful lobbying of multinational corporations. It is an unprecedented attack in Europe against fundamental rights and the freedom of speech.

-- vendredi, 12 juin 2015 --

A resolution from Ugict-CGT's international 17th congress (2014).

-- vendredi, 23 janvier 2015 --

The "Union Générale des Ingénieurs, Cadres, Techniciens" (UGICT-CGT) is the organisation within the CGT specifically aimed at these categories. It includes employed and unemployed P&MS and defends their rights and professional, moral and material, social and economic, individual and collective interests.

-- vendredi, 23 janvier 2015 --

English version of the Charte des Ingénieurs, edited by UGICT CGT and targeting engineers in the workplace.

-- vendredi, 23 janvier 2015 --

An english version of the Charte des Cadres, by UGICT CGT.

-- jeudi, 22 janvier 2015 --