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[Take Action] Make the MEPs back off on Trade Secrets

[Take Action] Make the MEPs back off on Trade Secrets
On Tuesday, June the 16th, the JURI Committee of the Euro-parliament is to study the draft directive on trade secrets. This directive was conceived with absolutely no transparency and thanks to the powerful lobbying of multinational corporations. It is an unprecedented attack in Europe against fundamental rights and the freedom of speech.
vendredi, 12 juin 2015 | English

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A threat to democracy

What would happen if the directive was passed as is :

 By using a broad and vague definition of trade secrets, and by making it an offense every time information regarded as confidential by a company were to be published, journalists, trade unionists and whistleblowers could be systematically sued. This would lead to the multiplication at the European level of the practices in fiscal paradises such as Luxembourg (The Luxleaks scandal, and Luxembourg's prosecution of whistleblower Antoine Deltour and journalist Edouard Perrin, who both risk a five year prison term after their unveiling of Multinational Corporation fiscal evasion practices).

The making process of medicines, food products or composite materials could be considered as trade secrets. Many informations could then be withdrawn from the citizen’s consideration, and scandals such as Mediator or Asbestos would be impossible to reveal.

There would be a heavy risk that workers be imposed a non-competition clause preventing them from using their skills when they decide to move from a company to another.


 Strong protests

Many personalities, Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Ignacio Fernandez Toxo (ETUC), Sarah Harrisson, (Courage foundation), Jim Boumelha, (IFJ), along with 65 leaders of national trade unions and NGOs already expressed strong concerns, immediately protested against the draft directive, and launched a european appel to #stoptradesecrets. A petition issued par french journalist Élise Lucet already gathered more than 200,000 signatures  


3 clics to Stop Trade Secrets !

There are several ways to tell MEPs you do not want this trade secrets directive to see the light of day :

 Tweet @ConstanceLeGrip and tell her to #StopTradeSecrets


 Send an email to the members of the JURI Committee 


 Share the European Appel with your Facebook friends

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