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Ugict-CGT's international policies

A resolution from Ugict-CGT's international 17th congress (2014).
vendredi, 23 janvier 2015 | English

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I.2: UGICT-CGT is committed to:

Working towards a new economic, social and environmental development model, backed by social responsibility of management, in support of development.

We, together with the ETUC, believe that we must work in partnership to kick-start growth in Europe through a policy of development, investment, and massive creation of skilled employment.

To this end, UGICT-CGT will intervene in European and international trade union movements and in cooperation with the other CGT organisations, as well as with other European managerial trade union organisations, to :

-     Hire young graduates.
-     Pay a fair rate for qualified workers.
-     Promote and recognise equal rights between women and men in the world of work and combat all types of discrimination.
-     Limit working time for P&MS.
-     Improve their working conditions.

UGICT-CGT will work in partnerships :

-     Competition between P&MS in different countries and organised social dumping.

-     Defence by managers and their trade union organisations of the content of world agreements and international social legislations, if it is better than that of local agreements and legislations

-     Consideration of the specific nature and interests of P&MS in world agreements that may be signed between employers and trade union organisations

-     Acknowledgement of trade union rights, all over the world, and particularly for P&MS who are often denied these rights.

UGICT-CGT will continue to seek and develop relations with progressive trade union organisations worldwide, share our demands and build up an international trade union movement that will work together to promote social progress over capitalist globalisation.

We will take action towards :

-     Promoting and developing trade union partnerships with organisations of managers and technicians worldwide.

-     Solidarity with managers, engineers and technicians fighting for their rights, for democracy and for dignity.

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